We are glad to announce that AGS Marine is a new representative company in Turkey for AQUAQUICK GLOBAL BV.

As AGS Marine our cooperation with AQUAQUICK GLOBAL BV, provides a new industrial oil cleaning solution with our 100% ecofriendly product.


If you are looking for an eco-friendly multipurpose cleaning product that has the power to eliminate heavy oil and grease from surfaces, then AQUAQUICK 2000 is the best cleaning solution available.

AQUAQUICK 2000 is a water-based product that has been composed out of ecological materials.

Working with AQUAQUICK 2000 prevents the environment from getting harmed. Its composition is necessary in order to prevent any damage from the environment and allows it to maintain its natural beauty.

AQUAQUICK 2000 is suitable to effectively eliminate all the heavy dirt caused by vegetable, - animal, - mineral, - and synthetic oil and grease (hydrocarbons). AQUAQUICK 200 stimulates the bio-degradation of hydrocarbons in environmental situations.



Potential Application Areas

Government | Manufacturing | Oil and Gas | Food production | Ship & Marine | Power & Energy | Transport

  • Oil refineries
  • Oil rins
  • Tank cleaning
  • Metal industry
  • Garages/workshops
  • Shipyards & marine
  • Mining industry
  • Food industry
  • Hotels and restaurants
  • Public Works Department
  • Water purification plants
  • Railways
  • Defense
  • Soil cleaning
  • Soil remediation
  • Landfarming
  • Firefighting departments Oil spill dispersant

AQUAQUICK 2000 Cleaning Solutions is a bio emulsifier, degreaser, hydrocarbon cleaner and oil dispersant that is water based and can be used for cargo hold cleaning, tank cleaning , degassing , engine room & deck cleaning , degreasing, cleaning of decks, engine rooms, and bilges for ships; is safe enough to be used as a normal hand soap.

Cargo Hold Cleaning

Aquaquick 2000 is used for multiple commodities and applications. For cleaning metal components at cargo hold areas that are badly soiled with oil or similar substances.

Cargo hold needs to be cleaned thoroughly before taking on new cargo. Especially when transporting substances such as coal. Aquaquick 2000 works best for removing oil, and mineral pollution along with any stains.

Engine Room & Deck Cleaning

Our company wants to offer only the proven and tested cleaning method and products that will leave any surface free from dirt and stain while allowing the cleaners to save time and effort. Hazardous solvents such as alkaline and strong acid are strictly avoided to ensure that the cleaning products are safe not only for the engine parts and components but also for the environment.

Our cleaning products are specially formulated and made so it will not damage or affect equipment’s surface, coating, textiles, rubber, paint and other materials. Our products can also be used as an alternative for extensively-applied phosphate, alkaline and toxic content and other cleaning agents that can be found on the market.

In comparison to products that disperse hydrocarbons, AQUAQUICK 2000 products promote biodegradation and are an excellent solution to tank cleaning additives, ensuring that marine environment health will never be affected.

Great for engine detailing, this product powers off grease, oil and grime quickly and completely from inboards, outboards, I/Os and more.

Tank Cleaning

Tank Cleaning can be extremely difficult and dangerous. Often, there is a small access hatch on the top of the tank through which to climb. Moreover, some liquid in tanks can emit dangerous gasses that may stay even after tank cleaners remove the liquid.

AQUAQUICK GLOBAL understands this difficulty and concern so the team created products and solutions that can help in cleaning storage tanks of all size effectively and thoroughly without cutting or entry. AQUAQUICK GLOBAL products use breakthrough-cleaning technology to meet the increasing and growing demands of most tank owners. With the best product and the right process, cleaning storage tanks can now become easier. Tank owners can also be guaranteed with uncontaminated liquid after the process is completed.

Machinery and Engine Parts Cleaning

Cleaning spaces in industries where oil, dirt, grease and fat are found in engines and other components are daunting and often time-consuming. However, this should not be the case. Removing stains and dirt in certain areas in such industries should not be as tough as it seems. You only need to have a powerful cleaning agent that works – a powerful, reliable AQUAQUICK 2000 cleaning agent. This does not only make tough cleaning easier and faster. This also cares for the environment and the users and provides a plethora of other advantages.

No damage of metals, paint, coatings, rubber, or plastics – Does not affect substrates and is safe for the cleaning of plastics, metals, coatings, paints, rubbers, epoxy, etc.

In comparison to products that disperse hydrocarbons, AQUAQUICK 2000 products promote biodegradation and are an excellent solution to tank cleaning additives, ensuring that marine environment health will never be affected.


The AQUAQUICK 2000 product has taken the market by storm because of its effectiveness as a cleaning agent. For example, the vacuum degassing is performed in order to conveniently eliminate over 95% of the dissolved gas, especially when the used media is considerable under the vacuum’s great layers.

  • Prior sample preparation in order to prevent the errors to particle-size measurements.
  • Oil and lubricant degassing prior to the pumping process in order to lower the pump wear due to cavitation.
  • Degassing significantly lower the growth of microorganisms, at the same time increasing their shelf life.
  • Degassing of polymers and varnished prior to the curing as well as application.

There are many different strategies used when degassing media such as subsequent filtering, helium sparging, warming, and vacuum degassing. This can give effective degassing solutions but will become more efficient if you’ll use a great solvent together with the degassing process.

During the liquids sonication, the sound waves are traveling right from the surface that’s radiating through the liquid media. As an outcome, it replaces high pressure and low-pressure cycles along with the specific rates based on the frequency level.

When it comes to storage & vessel tank cleaning or bio-pond & pit cleaning, the AQUAQUICK 2000 is the best option. The industries like military, optics, and aerospace are the ones that need of cleaning machinery because such make use of several equipment and tools. When these are not cleaned or are unmaintained, it will result in its failure to perform the desired task and eventually will get broken if not given treatment. Also, the industries that specialize in oil and natural gas should also have tools and equipment for cleaning so that the apparatuses in these industries will perform at its best.

Fully Biodegradable (100%<21 days)

AQUAQUICK 2000 holds a large number of reports and approvals guaranteeing the aspects of safety and the state of the environment. There are no special handlings, storages, or warnings for the application of the AQUAQUICK 2000 product. In Eco-toxically effects this product is completely biodegradable. In water purification plants, AQUAQUICK 2000 is 100% biodegradable in less than 60 minutes. In surface water, AQUAQUICK 2000 is 100% biodegradable in less than 21 days.

*Please check your government environmental regulations for about how to dispose the leftover waste.

No Shelf Life

This product does not have an expiration date. However, prolonged storage may cause settlement to occur. Stirring the product will allow it to attain its homogeneous mass. It is safe to continuously use this product until what you have purchased has depleted even if that is 2 or more years past purchase date. The natural ingredients in this contain there own preservatives which protect the continuity of the product for years to come.

AQUAQUICK 2000 contains only natural ingredients with no chlorides, solvents, or alkaloids present. AQUAQUICK 2000 has been approved and tested by numerous independent research institutes around the world with classifications of certification for use coming from TNO Netherlands, MIGAS Indonesia, International Maritime Organization (IMO), as well as many others.

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